hoc iter ad astra

Estela ad Astra

PGP pubkey: cedba39e576bc6c21b71a64825e82bbea32bd476

Hi there 👋🏻 Here is Estela, aka saeziae.

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans pride. She/her. Co-founder and maintainer of MtF.wiki from Project Trans.

en/es/zh/wuu. Wu language native speaker. Wu IME is now available. There is also a Suzhou Dialect Dictionary.

Love bed. Love skirts. Love yummy food.

Rhythm game player!!! Everyone should love Akiyama Mizuki !!!

Computer Science: web, cybersecurity, machine learning, NLP.

Spanish Language and Literature. Interested in post-colonial history of LATAM.

Linguistics: Diachronic linguistics, historical Chinese phonology, generative grammar, Sino-Tibetan and Kra-Dai, some Turkic.

📷 Photographer ✈️ Traveller, I’ve travelled to many countries.

👩🏼‍💻 c python go bash phpHope to understand rust

Using ARM desktop and server, playing with RISC-V. Wanting an ARM laptop.

Arch Linux user.