Estela ad Astra

Hi there 👋🏻 Here is Estela.

Proudly being trans. Maintainer of MtF-Wiki.

Wu language native speaker. Wu language input method is now in active development. There is also a Suzhou Dialect Dictionary

Love bed. Love skirts. Love gourmet food.

👩🏻‍🎓 Majoring in Spanish language at university, as well as computer science.

📷 Photographer. Rhythm game player, on maimai and Sound Voltex.

✈️ I love travelling! I've travelled to many countries.

👀 Interested in linguistics, NLP and other things.

⌨️ Python, Go, hope to understand C++

PHP is the best language in the world!

Using HiSilicon Kunpeng, Phytium, Zhaoxin CPUs. Playing with RISC-V. wanting an ARM laptop.

ArchLinux user.

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